Solar LED Light

LEDs are extremely efficient at converting electric power into visible light (currently up to 5x more efficient than standard light bulbs) as well as providing no infrared light that provides the warning effect experienced with normal filament-type bulbs.

LEDs are able to sustain high light output under demanding operating conditions, don’t burn out instantaneously like normal light bulb or dim over a small period like tube lights but degrade over a period of many years or even decades of continuous operation, thus enabling nearly maintenance free operation.

At 7 greens we use state -of — the — art LED technology to deliver the best light out put without compromising on the quality, offering you the whole package at ground breaking prices!

We offer a myriad of solutions fit for your use. With retro-fitting LEDs the need for changing the original fixutes has also vanished thus further reducing electricity costs. Our unparalleled service and pristine system designs have enabled us to find success in this industry.